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Stormwater Solutions

Key Features:

  • Stacked rock headwalls
  • Design / Build stream channel
  • Native riparian planting
  • Pollinator habitat
  • Ongoing stewardship of riparian planting

The city of Lexington’s Division of Parks and Recreation needed to address an eroding stormwater channel in the city’s newest public park. This property had previously been the staging area for the installation of a new sanitary sewer pump station. During the many months of construction activities, heavy equipment and piles of materials had compacted and smothered the soil. As a result, a protective cover of truf grass was difficult to establish after construction was finished. During the course of a few months, a shallow drainage ditch had eroded into a deep gully. Soil that washed out of the channel was accumulating in new stormwater structures downstream.

EcoGro was hired by Parks and Recreation to mitigate the eroding gully by installing stacked limestone boulders at headwalls, a rock conveyance and infiltration channel, a buffer of native grasses and wildflowers, nine shade trees for park amenities and prepare an area for future reforestation events. Our scope of work included three full growing seasons of stewardship to control weeds, monitor progress and ensure the planting is fully established.

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